What is this website

This website is my portfolio website for the 2019-2020 SHODOR Apprenticeship program. I'm attempting to showcase the various projects and blogs which I completed over the course of this year (wow time flies fast!) long course.

Who am I

Hi! My name is Bo Chi and I'm a rising sophomore at East Chapel Hill High School. I'm really interested into biology, chemistry, and computer science, and also really enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and the violin. This apprenticeship program has been a really great opportunity for me to start working on more projects with SHODOR and learning more and more practical skills. I have a decent background in computer science, as I’ve been working with various small projects and courses from a fairly small age. However, I still feel like SHODOR has given me many new learning opportunities and chances to both interact with the extremely experienced staff and to actually learn skills through working with projects.

Additionally, through this program, I’ve met many similarly like-minded individuals who are also passionate about various STEM topics and using computer science to help improve our daily lives and skills. Working with a lot of these other skillful high schoolers has really enriched me and improved my abilities in numerous computational and purely organizational tasks. Working together, communicating, and planning out a schedule for completion have all been incredibly useful skills that I’ve been able to develop while working with fellow apprentices on new projects. Even more than that, we’ve been able to build friendships which can extend even beyond the SHODOR apprenticeship program and into our daily lives. These connections have been a really integral part of my experience at the SHODOR Apprenticeship program.

Another reason why I extremely wished to participate in the SHODOR apprenticeship program was the various tools at our disposal here. After I participated in the initial SHODOR Scholars Program last summer, I marveled at the parallel computing technology and other systems which would normally be unavailable to me in other locations, like my school or home. Having access to these tools has made for the apprenticeship program to be a truly special experience, as we can work together on projects with technology not normally available

Overall, the SHODOR Apprenticeship program has been an excellent experience and I hope that over the summer, I’ll be able to continue developing skills through mini-projects and working with other apprentices on various modeling projects.