Forensic Science
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Computer Forensics

Objective: Students should learn basics of computers, how e-mails are sent, and how to determine whether or not an e-mail is a spoof or contains false information

  • More and more, crimes are being committed using technology. These activities will give students an understanding of computers and the internet while teaching them ways to avoid internet thieves.
  • What kind of information is accessible in an e-mail?
  • Do we see the inner workings of an e-mail? If not, what do we see? How can we use this information?

Materials: Each student will need

  • A computer with
    • Terminal, a command line interface, which is an application present on all Macs
    • Internet access

This lesson was designed for use on Macs. All the activities could be done on PCs, but would require some small modifications.

This lesson can be a stand alone lesson, but was originally intended to be used as an activity within the Cookie Thief plotline.

Checking the Inbox and Outbox will teach students how to think critically about suspicious e-mails.

Sending a Spoofed E-mail will teach students how to find information about the e-mail's sender as well as where the e-mail was sent from.

Using Terminal will teach students how to use Terminal to track where an e-mail was originally sent from.