A Shodor Education Foundation SUCCEED Workshop
Explorations in Engineering Explorations in Engineering

Formerly known as Engineers In Training

Science is understanding and comprehending the world
around us (from the Latin sciere: "to know")

Engineering is shaping the world to our needs
(from the Latin ingenarere: "to create")

Explorations in Engineering is a sequence of workshops designed to introduce motivated middle-school students to the design process of modern engineering through the exploration and development of small scale systems. Participants develop techniques in the measurement and collection of experimental data, the use of computational models to process scientific data and aid design, and the construction of engineered systems.

Exploratory Engineering:
Trial, Error, and the Scientific Method
Takes Two to Topple
In Straws We Trussed
Measurement and Optimization Measure to Measure
Beam Me Down!
Laboratory Experimentation with Controlled Systems The Daredevil Design Project

Electrical Engineering
Density Resources (Under Construction)
Thermodynamics Resources (Under Construction)
Aerodynamics Resources (Under Construction)

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