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GalaxSee HPC Module 1: The N-Body Problem, Serial and Parallel Simulation

By David A. Joiner
Kean University, Union, New Jersey

This teaching module introduces approaches to the simulation of systems of multiple interacting objects (N-body systems, where "N" is the number of objects). In this module students are introduced to the n-body problem and algorithms and approaches used to simulate n-body systems. The construction of a serial implementation is presented. Finally, issues and approaches to parallelization are explored and a basic parallel implementation is constructed.


GalaxSeeHPCManual.doc : This is the documentation file for the GalaxSee software provided with this module (see below). This file documents the steps for building and running the GalaxSee code.

GalaxSee_HPC_Module_1.doc : Presents background on the N-body problem, numerical integration methods and algorithms that have been applied to the problem and ways to test the accuracy of the results. Activities are provided along the way to reinforce the ideas and approaches present

GalaxSeeHPC.tgz : This archive contains the source code for the GalaxSee software. The manual document above describes the steps for building and running this software. : Zip archive containing all materials for GalaxSee HPC Module 1

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