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Press Packet for December 18th NCSI Announcement

NCSI Media Articles

  • The Shodor Education Foundation Awarded $2.7M Grant for Extending the National Computational Science Institute beyond North Carolina
    EOT website
  • $2.7M grant to expand science, math outreach Shodor Foundation will hire college interns to do technical work for college faculty training
    Angela D. Forest - Herald Sun
  • Grant equals math models tied to science
    Jonathan Goldstein - Raleigh News and Observer

    General Information

  • Agenda
  • Press Release

    The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.

  • The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
  • One-page Background on Shodor
  • The Shodor/MCNC/UNC Relationship

    The National Computational Science Institute

  • NCSI Brief
  • The Principle Investigators for NCSI
    Dr. Robert M. Panoff
    Dr. Dennis E. Stevenson
    Dr. Holly P. Hirst
    Dr. Eric Jakobsson
  • Partnerships
    The National Science Foundation
    North Carolina Supercomputing, MCNC
    The National Computational Science Education Consortium
    The Education, Outreach, and Training Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure: EOT-PACI
    The Burroughs Wellcome Fund
    High Performance Systems, Inc.
    CAChe Software

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