Forensic Science
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The Computer Virus

The Story:

Students at Shodor came in to learn all about forensics and they were extremely surprised when their workshop was interrupted midway through an important powerpoint on the history of forensics. Asa came into the workshop and uneasily told Jenny, with the workshop students listening in closely, that an intern named Gavin sent out an e-mail with a computer virus to everyone in the office.

During the first day of the investigation, the students looked into Gavin's e-mail account and determined that he did not send the e-mail using a program called Terminal. Gavin's name was cleared, which means that the students still had a crime to solve. They must gather any and all evidence to determine who infected the Shodor office's computers!


After a week of being in the workshop, the students were able to determine that it was Joel who sent the computer virus! Joel sent the e-mail from Gavin's account. The students spent their time following leads and analyzing their evidence to come to this conclusion. They used chromatography to determine the pen used to write the coded note and the coded note was deciphered using an affine cipher and the help of the interactivate applet entitled "Caesar Cipher". They also investigated blood typing, fingerprinting, and projectile motion to rule out any suspects until they finally arrived at Joel.