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The Wife Puzzle

A lovely cashmere sweater was found torn to shreds (What a Crime!!) on the sidewalk in the international quarter.

The sweater police talked to six witnesses, including the shredder. The six were very open about what had happened. The only trouble was that none of them spoke any language the police could understand. Nevertheless, the police were able to piece together the following information:

  1. The witnesses were three men and three women: Fred, John and William; Gloria, Gilda, and Barbara
  2. The men were married to the women, though not necessarily in the order listed.
  3. William's wife was the cashmere murderer.
  4. Fred speaks and understands only Basque.
  5. John is bald.
  6. The couple who live next door to Gilda and her husband have the same color hair she does, and speak both Spanish and Basque.
  7. William's wife recently gave Barbara a home permanent.
  8. Gilda's husband speaks only French.

Who destroyed the lovely sweater?

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