Statistics Lesson Extension
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Teacher Preparation

Teachers will need: Students will need:
  • access to a browser.


Students will learn how statistics can be represented in different types of graphs.

Lesson Outline

  1. Focus and Review
    • Define the terms bar graph, line graph, and pictograph.
  1. Guided Practice
    • Direct students to the Colgate website.
    • Students should study the different types of line graphs on the site.
    • Have students record their interpretations.
  1. Teacher Input
    • Record students interpretations on the board.
    • Take a closer look at the two graphs with the class as a whole.
    • What could have made these graphs clearer?
    • How did the marketing department trick you into seeing something that was not there? ** Graph in proportion and zero line included for comparison **
  1. Independent Practice
    • Divide the students up into groups of even numbers.
    • Divide each group in half. Give half of the group one picture from the worksheet. Give the other half the other picture.
    • Do not let each group see the others picture.
    • Give students time to review and interpret their picture.
    • Without showing each other their picture, have each group explain to their other group members what information their picture portrayed.
  1. Closure
    • Discuss which graph is accurate and which one is not.
    • Discuss what made the misleading graph misleading and the differences between the two graphs.

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