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Welcome to Math Connections

You have reached the website for Math Connections, a SUCCEED workshop. The goal of this workshop is to present advanced mathmatical concepts to rising 7th, 8th and 9th graders using an engaging, hands-on approach. Students are exposed to computer models connecting mathematical concepts to the physical world. This includes the relationships between mathematics and art, nature, physics, business, and the social world. Group activities and discussions allow students to work together to understand these concepts.

Click the buttons above to learn more about different aspects of this webpage. The webpage Lessons is a list of links to detailed description of each daily lesson. The Agenda page is a brief daily outline of the activities during the week. And Resources is a table with links to all the applets, worksheets, and informational websites referred to on this website. In the second row you will find all of the lessons included in this workshop. Each lesson is designed for one day in the Math Connections Workshop.

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