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Project TitleStudent Developers of Parallel Computation Curriculum
SummaryThese positions are for interns to further develop existing codes in C and FORTRAN that can be used to demonstrate concepts of physical and computer scaling in an undergraduate computational science lesson. The codes will likely utilise both MPI and CUDA.
Job DescriptionThe scientific application here is modelling the fate and transport of scalar quantities (e.g. heat, salinity, pollutants) in river systems. We will be further developing a numerical algorithm which solves the partial differential equations describing these systems. We will implement these models using C and FORTRAN on multi-core architectures using MPI and CUDA.
Conditions/QualificationsUndergraduate or 4+1 student at Stockton College
Some C programming experience; some MPI experience.
Scientific visualization experience
Start Date06/21/2010
End Date06/20/2011
LocationThe Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Computational Science Program
School of Natural Science and Mathematics
Pomona, NJ 08240
Rick Page
Michael Laielli