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Project TitleGalaxy Pairs Detection from Large Sky Surveys as Probe of Galaxy Evolution since Redshift of 1
SummaryThe goal of the project is to provide opportunity for Community College students to participate in scientific computing in their early stages of education. The computer program will have the following two features: 1. a parallel image analysis algorithms to extract pairs images from a SDSS or LSST 2. an automatic cross-correlate pairs identification with multiple online sky surveys databases
Job DescriptionThe project will involve two students to develop a computer program to extract galaxy pairs from large-scale deep sky surveys, such as, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (~ 1 billion galaxies in its databases). They will generate simulations of observing fields with galaxy pairs for deeper and larger volume of data from future deep sky surveys such as the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope project (2017-2018) which will generate ~ 10 billion galaxies or 30 Terabyte of data per night. The developed code will be submitted to the LSST consortium to test and implement as a collaborator.

Basic Reference:

Mighell, Kenneth John. "CRBLASTER: A Parallel- Processing Computational Framework for Embarrassingly Parallel Image-Analysis Algorithms".. PASP 122:1336-1345 [Oct 2010]

Sloan Digitial Sky Survey:

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope:
Conditions/QualificationsSkills:and Requirement:
1. C/C++ Programming, UNIX/Linux
2. Astronomy/Physics/Mathematics/or Computer Science Majors

Desirable Skills:
1. Basic Astronomical Imaging Processing
2. Python programming language
3. OpenMPI

1. City College of San Francisco student
2. Community College student
Start Date03/18/2011
End Date03/31/2012
LocationAstronomy Department
City College of San Francisco
50 Phelan Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112
Jacqueline Goldstein