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Project TitleVirtual Reality Enabled Multi-User Collaboratory Science Visualization Workspace with HPC Integration
SummaryThe intern will develop code for a virtual reality enabled multi-user collaboratory science visualization workspace with HPC integration. Projects specifically related to this internship are the integration of GPGPU acceleration for visualization clients, as well as a framework for offloading storage and data analysis tasks to a clustered computer.
Job DescriptionThe intern will work on an ongoing project developing scientific visualization tools for a client developed using the Unity3D game engine. The overall project goal is the creation of a multi-user immersive collaboratory data visualization space, with additional options for data analysis. The first version of the visualization library has been developed as a series of Unity3D assets, and includes tools for viewing isocontours, surface plots, 3D scatter and glyph plots, molecular structure, and 2 and 3d line plots. The user interface is currently in development for both Oculus Rift and CAVE, and on track to have version 1.0 completed before the outset of the Blue Waters internship.
This project will continue development of the data visualization tool, with an emphasis on a framework for accelerated data analysis and parallel storage of very large datasets, as well as long term data storage plans connected to our collaboratory space.
Use of Blue WatersThe project will focus on visualization tools, as well as middleware to connect to additional HPC resources. Our HPC environment for development and testing of the visualization client includes multiple GPGPU workstations running both Linux and Windows, a 3-wall CAVE, an Oculus Rift equipped workstation; and our environment for development and testing of external analysis and storage nodes includes our 130-node, 1040 core traditional CPU cluster.
The use of Blue Waters resources will allow us to further test our use of external storage and data analysis nodes.
Conditions/QualificationsMust be an undergraduate at Kean University with programming experience.
Start Date06/01/2017
End Date05/30/2018
LocationKean University, Union, NJ.
New Jersey Center for Science, Technology, and Mathematics
Xavier White