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Project TitleAdvanced Molecular Dynamics Simulation Protocols for Studying Nucleosomes
SummaryThis goal of this position is to develop and validate advanced molecular dynamics simulation methods and protocols as a means for achieving shorter time to completion for studies of mononucleosomes. This will be achieved by comparing results obtained from advanced and traditional simulation methods.
Job DescriptionThe intern will compare results from traditional all-atom molecular dynamics simulations of a mononucleosome constructed with the sequence of DNA known as 601 to results obtained from various protocols for achieving advanced sampling including but not limited to accelerated MD and multiple replica strategies. All simulations will utilize NAMD running on Blue Waters and LONI resources. The systems to be simulated and tools for conducting analysis will be provided by Bishop's Theoretical Molecular Biology Lab at Louisiana Tech.
Conditions/QualificationsMust be an undergraduate in physics or related degree program at Louisiana Tech university, preferably with experience in one or more of the following: linux operating system, C/C++ or similar programming language, scripting, data analysis, cluster or high performance computing, computational biology.
Start Date05/01/2016
End Date04/30/2017
LocationLouisiana Tech University.
Blaine Rutland