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Project TitleComputational Researcher in Viral RNA Folding Team
SummaryThe undergraduate researcher will write code and parallelize a program that provides a combinatorially complete set of solutions for possible folds of an RNA sequence and includes experimental constraints from crystallography and cryoelectron microscopy. The researcher will work with an interdisciplinary team that focuses on understanding how the Satellite Tobacco Mosaic Virus RNA genome folds into a virus particle as a model system to better understand principles of viral RNA folding.
Job DescriptionThe main task is to parallelize two parts of a new program for RNA folding that incorporates crystallography and cryoelectron microscopy data into predictions for viral RNA structures. The code is written in C and is the next generation version of the Crumple algorithm, which is freely available at and described in PLoS One, 2012, e52414. The interdisciplinary research team is composed of researchers interested in computer science, biology, and chemistry who conduct both computational research and experimental laboratory research and ask questions beyond traditional academic disciplines.
Conditions/QualificationsUndergraduate researcher with skills in C programming and interests in learning MPI and applications of computing to RNA biology. The undergraduate researcher must be able to communicate well with researchers of diverse academic backgrounds and interests.
Start Date05/15/2016
End Date05/15/2017
LocationNorman, OK
Schroeder lab, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Department of Microbiology & Plant Biology, University of Oklahoma
Nathan Sloat