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Project TitleParallelizing Suffix Array Construction
Summary The intern will work closely with the mentor to first understand the suffix array concept and serial suffix array construction algorithms. Develop parallel versions of the serial algorithm and compare performance and scalability. Careful documentation of the research and development process of the project is required, with the purpose of formally presenting the results.
Job Description
Study suffix array construction; the naïve algorithm and the skew algorithm developed and implemented by Karkkainen and Sanders (1). Consider different programming models. Execute for timing purposes the c serial version of these algorithms. Implement parallel versions of the skew algorithm that use shared memory via OpenMP, distributed memory via the Message Passing Interface (MPI), and hybrid via a combination of MPI and OpenMP. Compare performance and scalability of the different versions. Document the research and development process with the purpose of formally presenting the results.

[1] Simple Linear Work Suffix Array Construction, Juha Karkkainen and Peter SandersJ.C.M. Baeten et al. (Eds.): ICALP 2003, LNCS 2719, pp. 943–955, 2003. c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2003
Conditions/QualificationsThe intern(s) must be an undergraduate Computer Science major at UPRM, and must have completed the introductory Computer Science courses up to Data Structures (Comp3075) or take the course the first semester of the internship. The intern(s) will learn about different applications and parallel programming languages and libraries.
Start Date05/31/2015
End Date05/15/2016
LocationUniversity of PuertoRico at Mayaguez,,Department of Mathematical Sciences
Shariemar Lopez Vazquez