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Project TitleComputational Photonics and Nano-Technology Research Assistant
SummaryThe goal of this research is to develop a highly parallelized computational approach to be able to predict electromagnetic field distributions in novel structures suitable for optimized optoelectronic, photonic and nano-technology devices.
Job DescriptionThe structures the undergraduate student will consider contain various sections of stratified metal-dielectric media, hyperbolic materials and will incorporate metal plasmonic nano-particles. The student will work on prediction of electromagnetic field distribution within these structures by theoretical and computational modeling using various photonic approaches such as combined transfer matrix, characteristic matrix, and Green's function methods. The numerical computations will be done on a powerful computer at Dr. Durach's computational lab and then adjusted to the Blue Waters supercomputer for more advanced modelling.
Conditions/QualificationsThe student must be an undergraduate Physics major at Georgia Southern University who have taken Classical Electromagnetic Theory, Calculus and Introductory Physics courses.
Start Date05/15/2014
End Date05/14/2015
LocationThe Department of Physics
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA
Matthew LePain