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Project TitleLarge-Scale Climate Modeling and Intraseasonal Mode Analysis
SummaryThe goal of this position will be the setup and simulation of a global climate-scale Weather Research and Forecasting model simulation. The ultimate research goal is the identification of intraseasonal modes of geopotential height variability (e.g. teleconnections) from within the output of the WRF climate simulation. Ultimately, this will answer an important research question about the stability of the modes and the ability of climate model simulations to reproduce the modes with some reliability in comparison to reality.
Job DescriptionThe student will be responsible for learning to set up the Weather Research and Forecast model on the Blue Waters supercomputing system. All preprocessing of the model input, the actual model simulation, and postprocessing will be conducted by the student. The student will also assist the research team leader with the formulation of intraseasonal modes of variability on the model output to diagnose the ability of the model to recreate these patterns. If time allows, multiple simulations using varying model physics will be attempted to assess the importance of physics on the results of the simulations on a climate scale. The student will learn how to use the WRF model in a climate environment and learn to deal with large-scale, big data problems.
Conditions/QualificationsMust be an undergraduate at Mississippi State University, must have programming experience, experience in Linux, and experience running the WRF model is preferred.
Start Date08/01/2014
End Date07/31/2015
LocationDr. Andrew Mercer's Research Group
Mississippi State University - Department of Geosciences
Mississippi State, MS, 39760-5448
Morgan Smith