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Project TitleParallel Computing Interns
Summary The main objective is to develop educational modules that will allow to incorporate a parallel computing culture, throughout the Computer Science and Mathematics curriculum at UPRM, Department of Mathematical Sciences. The intern(s) together with the mentor will study different problems/applications, for example, the winner determination problem and combinatorial auction, and some of its parallel algorithms, and finally will develop and implement the algorithms using different parallel programming models.
Job Description A number of problems/ applications will be studied, for example: maximum clique problem and social network analysis, the winner determination problem and combinatorial auctions. The intern(s) will work closely with the mentor to develop modules that will consist of a documented process of:
studying and understanding the problems and applications,
studying and describing different parallel algorithms for the problems,
consider the different parallel programming models and machines,
and implementing the algorithms using different parallel languages and libraries.
Conditions/QualificationsThe intern(s) must be an undergraduate Computer Science major at UPRM, and must have completed the introductory Computer Science courses up to Data Structures (Comp3075). The intern(s) will learn about different applications and parallel programming languages and libraries.
Start Date05/29/2014
End Date05/08/2015
LocationDepartment of Mathematical Sciences
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Hector Hernandez
Jorge Valles