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Faculty Workshops

The goal of the National Computational Science Institute (NCSI) faculty workshops has generally been to prepare faculty and educators to use and teach computational science in their research and in the classroom. Blue Waters funding has lead to the development of new workshops (for students and faculty) focused on high-performance computing for science and engineering.

Faculty participants will engage in incorporating computational thinking and petascale resources into their undergraduate courses. The participants will address teaching and learning opportunities to address quantitative reasoning, computational thinking, and multiscale modeling across all STEM fields.

The workshops will:

  • Address the use of petascale approaches in upper division courses
  • Emphasize modeling over programming
  • Develop competence and confidence to mentor undergraduate research and collaborate with research universities.

Current workshops can be found at NCSI: 2014 Workshops.The first step to participation in any or all of these activities is to create a NCSI user account at the NCSI web site: Information about opportunities to participate in these and other education programs will be sent to everyone with a NCSI account. Past offerings of workshops can be found at NCSI: 2010 Workshops, NCSI: 2011 Workshops, NCSI: 2012 Workshops, and NCSI: 2013 Workshops