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Place a nomination for the Shodorific! award. Please include your name, the site URL, and why you think the site is Shodorific!.

The Shodorific! Award was designed by the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. to encourage the implementation of educational resources, specifically those regarding computational science, into web sites throughout the internet. Currently, many sites are little more than advertisements for their respective organizations. The Shodor Foundation would like to see more educational tools and resources directly available over the internet.

What do we look for in a Shodorific! site?

The quality that makes the internet a tool that can revolutionize education is its interactivity. This expands the possibilities for electronic education from internet "textbooks" to simulation environments that encourage discovery and exploration. A Shodorific! site should at the very minimum provide innovative on-line educational resources. Innovative is a pretty broad term. While a site that includes interactivity in the form of modeling and simulations is more likely to win the designation of Shodorific! than one that does not, we recognize that there are other effective ways of using the internet to better education.

Why would anyone want to be called Shodorific! ?

The purpose of the Shodorific! award is to aid in carrying out the goals of the Shodor Foundation, namely the promotion and execution of educational reform through computational technologies. Creating one place with groups that have similar goals and resources will not only help these groups carry out their goals but aid those using the resources. Plus, you get to put a cool logo on your web site.

Who chooses the Shodorific! sites?

To be designated Shodorific!, a site must be nominated, via our nomination link (above). Anyone can nominate a site, even if he or she is directly associated with the site being nominated. Four times a year, a new site is chosen by the Shodor Foundation Employees and Board of Directors to be Shodorific!

What happens to those sites that are not selected for the Shodorific! award?

Even if a web site is not chosen for a Shodorific! award, it remains on the nomination list for future contests. In addition, many nominated sites will be included on our InSites page.

Who may display the Shodorific! logo?

The Shodorific! logo is reserved for winners of the Shodorific! award. It will also be displayed by The Shodor Foundation for advertising purposes. Anyone else who wishes to receive permission to use this logo for any other reason should contact the Foundation.

The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. reserves the right to edit the nomination list at any point. Guidelines for the Shodorific! award are subject to changes; however, we will not make changes without posting them on this page.

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